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Like a Boss is an Action RPG where you are the epic Boss, crushing heroes as they come to steal your treasures. It presents a different perspective to famous MMORPGs, where you (the Boss) needs to face the constant harassment of heartless heroes. Assist fellow monsters in reclaiming their spawn points, burn hero-controlled cities to the ground, destroy quest givers that dare to put contracts on your head, craft ancient artifacts, join a guild of bosses and much more.


In the world of Like a Boss, you have the chance to assume the role of an Evil Boss, fighting to protect your treasures and plotting to dominate the world. The game is a comic take on the traditional MMORPG formula, with many references to great titles and a funny storyline, however don’t let that fool you. During the game’s campaign, you get to build your Boss through a long skill tree with countless skill combinations to choose from, while at the same time acquiring recipes to craft powerful items with a deep, very customizable crafting system. You can help and seek assistance from other bosses through a Guild, or even by hiring another player’s Boss to fight at your side in your hardest struggles. Join forces with your allies to face powerful quest-giving NPCs, and bring your guild to the top of the ranks by being the fastest and most efficient evil force in the realm. Like a Boss is a game in constant expansion and players can expect updates such as new races, classes, skills, items and much more coming to mobile frequently.

Stage of Development

The game has been in development for two years and is now getting close to its release. Many of the core features of the game are already implemented and we estimate that with testing and polishing the game should be released on Q1 of 2017 for iOS and Android mobile devices.


  • Play as the Evil Boss: protect your epic loot against any raider that would dare to face you!
  • MMORPG AI: the heroes that fight you will use tactics we all know and love from popular MMORPGs - smash the healers hiding behind the tanks to cause them to wipe.
  • Craft Legendary Gear: collect recipes and minerals to create the most powerful items ever seen!
  • Challenging Gameplay: REAL bosses don't just stand there waiting for timers... they grab a sword and wreak havoc on their enemies!
  • Epic Campaign: start as a weak Quest Monster and fight your way through the ranks until you are an epic Raid Boss!
  • Grow in Size: as you progress you grow to become a huge Fire Breathing Dragon, a Skeletal Titan or a monstrous Kraken from the Depths in your quest for power.
  • Impressive Graphics: nothing looks as good as crushing the heroes' city in retro 3D graphics!
  • Dozens of Skills: build your boss exactly the way you want to play it.
  • Gather Allies: create a guild, invite your friends and face powerful foes in the battlefield together.
  • Constant Updates: new features and more content coming to the game frequently.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "SBGames 2013 - Honorable Mention for Game in Development" - São Paulo - Brazil, 18 October, 2013
  • "Viope Game Design World Championship 2013-2014 - Pro Track and Main Prize Winner" - Helsinki - Finland, 12 February, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "It's a comedic, epic scrap, as you might expect, and it's got some gorgeous cartoon visuals."
    - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
  • "It’s actually qute surprising how no one else has thought about this before but better late than never!"
    - Francesco, Touch Tap Play
  • "I remember when I saw Like a Boss for the first time, I put my drink down and I said: 'we have a winner, lets go home'. It’s a standout game, I like that game a lot, especially the fact that it reverses the roles. It’s like a good Dungeon Keeper game."
    - Mikael Haveri, Housemarque, GDWC 2013-2014 Closing and Awards Ceremony (at 11m27s)


Allan Smith
Programming and Game Design, Fire Horse

Danilo Franco
2D Art and Game Design, Fire Horse

Fernando Colombo de Almeida
3D Art and Game Design, Fire Horse

Alex Sandro Marinho
2D Art, Fire Horse

Matheus Candido de Almeida
Programming, Fire Horse

Julia Yamamoto
Programming, Fire Horse

DOPE Audio Design
Sound Design

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